• Navin Nadpurohit

Project Management: A Journey

Rupeesanddollars take on how Project Management has evolved over the years.

What comes to anyone's mind when we say Project Management?

In very simple terms it is all about how well can one manage Project. It is very easy said than done. The inherent challenges and issues one faces is unprecedented and involves playing with a lot of unknown unknowns at given point in time.

The Iron Triangle always needs to be balanced to meet your goal and call project a success. What comprises of Iron Triangle? Cost, Scope and Time are the three sides of the triangle and each has a significant impact on another. It is indeed a Project manager's nightmare and tests his ability to the fullest on how he plays with these and still succeeds in the project.

Journey of the Project Management itself...

From a more predictive and planned approach to highly dynamic and adaptive approach, journey for project management has been unparalled. The change has been such disruptive that traditional industries like Manufacturing, Construction also have embraced the changing winds of moving towards Adaptive Project Management approach, and Why should they not? Having early visibility and MVP to view, play and feedback is a real asset than wait for eternity for project completion only to understand that it does not meet requirements.

IT industry in particular has played a key role in this transformation as it is considered as one of the most dynamic, ever changing and complex industry where largely needs are unexplainable, latent, unexpressed and over all this technical limitations and regulatory compliances make life a living hell for Project managers to manage the projects.

In a nutshell, having project managers who are well versed with both predictive and adaptive methodologies and have knowledge of how to embed both in the projects as per need, are the ones on whom we can bet to succeed as they are the most versatile ones.

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